How to fix ChatGPT "Conversation not found" error

How to fix ChatGPT "Conversation not found" error

How to fix ChatGPT "Conversation not found" error

If you are getting the ChatGPT "Conversation not found" error while trying to chat with the bot, you are not alone.

Recently, there has been an increasing number of reports from ChatGPT users about their experiences with the said error. Although the error can be frustrating as it interrupts the conversation, it is not as bad as the ChatGPT history gone issue or the error code 1020.

In this article, we will show you how to deal with the ChatGPT "Conversation not found" error. So, let's get started!

What does the "Conversation not found" error message in ChatGPT?

The "Conversation not found" error message in ChatGPT typically indicates that the server lost the conversation due to an issue with the conversation thread or session between you and the ChatGPT system.

The error message may appear if there was a temporary glitch or technical issue in the system, or it could be due to maintenance activities or updates being performed on the ChatGPT servers.

Encountering this error can be disappointing as it makes it impossible to restart a conversation from the last place where you left off. As a result, you may lose the context of your previous interaction with the system.

How to fix ChatGPT "Conversation not found" error

When you encounter the "Conversation not found" error in ChatGPT, you won't be able to continue the current conversation. However, you can start a new chat and type in your query there to resume your interaction with ChatGPT.

Starting a new chat may entail the need to feed in certain information you previously shared to establish context. While we comprehend that this process can be time-consuming and exasperating, it remains the sole viable solution to rectify the issue at hand.

If you continue to experience the ChatGPT "Conversation not found" error, you can contact the ChatGPT support team and request them to look into the issue and implement a permanent solution for this.

While you wait for them to fix the issue permanently, you can use one of the best ChatGPT alternatives such as Google Bard or New Bing AI.

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