How to fix ChatGPT "Click failed" error

How to fix ChatGPT "Click failed" error

How to fix ChatGPT "Click failed" error

ChatGPT Plus subscribers now have access to plugins as well as the web-browsing feature that provides up-to-date information. However, some users reported encountering an annoying "Click failed" error while using the browsing feature in ChatGPT.

Since the web-browsing feature is still in beta, it is totally normal to encounter some hiccups along the way. The "Click failed" error might hinder your browsing experience, but we're here to help you overcome this obstacle.

In this article, we will discuss the possible causes behind the "Click failed" error and provide you with practical solutions to fix it.

What is the "Click failed" error in ChatGPT?

According to the ChatGPT website, the "Click failed" error arises when website admins block ChatGPT user-agent from crawling their site using the "robots.txt" file.

A robots.txt file is a file at the root of a website that instructs bots (like web crawlers and plugins) which parts of the site they are allowed to interact with.

If the robots.txt file of a website has been set to disallow certain user-agents, such as the ChatGPT-User, the plugin will respect these restrictions and will not access the site, hence the "click failed" error.

How to fix the "Click failed" error in ChatGPT

When you encounter the "Click failed" error in ChatGPT, your initial course of action should be to verify if the website you are trying to access is blocking ChatGPT's user agent.

To do that, navigate to the website's subdomain for robots.txt (e.g., and search for the "User-agent" line that corresponds to ChatGPT. If you find a "Disallow" directive for ChatGPT's user agent, then the website is indeed blocking ChatGPT.

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If the website is not blocking ChatGPT's user agent, here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and possibly resolve the "Click failed" error in ChatGPT:

  • Command ChatGPT to try again: Add "If you fail to enter any link, try at least 20 times before giving up" to the prompt. (Enfiznar)
  • Verify the website's status: You can check the website's status using services like Down for Everyone or Just Me. If the website or page is down, you may have to wait until it's back up and running.
  • Check for geographical restrictions: If a website has geographical restrictions, you might not be able to access it from your location. You can try accessing the site via a VPN or proxy to bypass these restrictions.
  • Confirm firewall settings: If you are using a network with strict firewall rules, it might be blocking access to the website. You may need to adjust these settings or contact your network administrator.
  • Use a third-party web browser plugin: Some websites suggest installing the Wolfram Alpha from the ChatGPT plugin store will help you resolve the issue. So, it is worth a try!

Remember, some websites may have measures in place that prevent bots like ChatGPT from accessing their content. If none of the above solutions works, it's possible that the website in question falls into this category.

Now that the "Click failed" error in ChatGPT is resolved (hopefully), have a look at how to fix other common ChatGPT errors such as "Sorry, you have been blocked" and "Your account was flagged for potential abuse".

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