FIFA 22 Club Record: How To Check Your Win/Loss Record In FUT 22

Every year FIFA comes out with a new version of its video game, FIFA Football. And this time, they decided to change something about how you check your club record. Unlike previous years, FIFA 22 club record isn't displayed at the top left corner of the FUT homepage. So, if you like to keep track of your club’s success, it can be quite a struggle trying to figure out how to do that. And this is because, this time, FIFA keeps the club record hidden in a much more secretive location. If you want to check your FIFA 22 Club record and find out how your team is doing, then read on.

How To Check FIFA 22 Club Record?

Your FUT record is a representation of your performance in various game modes. You can see how many wins, draws, and losses you have accumulated in your countless hours of online gaming.

To find your FUT record, you'll have to navigate to the FUT homepage. As you browse through the menu, you will have to scroll across to the "Club" section and go to the "Stadium" tab. Here your record will display on the team graphic in the center of your screen. All wins, draws, and losses will be listed in order, i.e., your respective figures will be in W-D-L format.

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What is FIFA 22 Club Record in FUT?

If you play FIFA, you must have heard about the FIFA club record or FUT record. The FUT record is a way for you to know how your team is doing in terms of winning and losing matches. It allows you to track all the stats and records you earn as you progress through your journey in the game. You can track your record in most game modes in Ultimate Team (Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and Drafts). Your record will be tracked even in friendlies as well.

Now that your know how to find your FIFA 22 Club Record, it's time to improve it. Get back, score goals, and win matches. Let's football!

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