Far Cry 6 Snowshoe Error: How To Fix Error Code Snowshoe-D15BE00A

far cry 6 snowshoe error how to fix

far cry 6 snowshoe error how to fix

The Far Cry 6 Snowshoe Error might be confusing to some people. After all, who needs a snowshoe on a tropical island? But we digress. Having only recently been released, Far Cry 6 players are already encountering the Snowshoe error in plentiful numbers.

If you are one of those who has found a snowshoe when you were looknig for some sunscreen (or maybe a rocket launcher) we can help! With the snowshoe part, at least. Here's what we know about the Far Cry 6 Snowshoe Error, and how to fix it.

How To Fix Error Code Snowshoe-D15BE00A

Ubisoft have quickly added the Far Cry 6 Snowshoe Error to their database of known issue. They offer a very simple solution to fixing the issue:

You can resolve this by restarting the game.

And it's as simple as that. According to Ubisoft, who really ought to know, a simple system reboot should be enough to let you get past this error, and back into the world of Yara. But just in case this doesn't instantly resolve your problem, there are a couple of other things you can check:

  • Start by checking for any server related problems. You can get updates on the Far Cry 6 Twitter account. If there are server problems, wait until the servers are working again.
  • If you are playing on PC, try giving Far Cry 6 administrator privileges. To do this:
    • Open File Explorer or My Computer.
    • After that go to the Far Cry 6 game’s location.
    • Right-click on the game’s exe file and go to Properties.
    • Once inside Properties, select the Compatibility tab and scroll down to Settings.
    • In Settings, tick the box marked Run this program as an administrator.
    • Click on Apply to save changes and then reboot your PC

Hopefully restarting the game will be all you need to do. But if that doesn't work, and neither of the other tips are effective, contact Ubisoft for further help and support.

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What is Far Cry 6 Error Code Snowshoe?

The Far Cry 6 Snowshoe Error occurs when there was an issue connecting to a co-op session. In Far Cry 6, once you have progressed a certain way through the game, you unlock the option of having a friend join you. You can also search to play alongside someone at random, or make yourself available for someone else to pick you. Completing co-op missions allows you to earn Moneda, a currency you can then use to buy items from the black market. At present, co-op mode allows you to play alongside one other player.

But when you see the Snowshoe Error, it's telling you that your efforts to join a co-op game, have been thwarted. Ubisoft haven't explicitly stated what the problem is caused by. But restarting the system will refresh your connection to the game servers. So there's a good possibility that a problem with that connection, is what makes this error appear. At least, in this instance, the fix is extremely simple.

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