How to fix error code 106133 in EA App

Key art of EA FC 24 featuring football players like Erling Halaand and Vinicius Jr
Credit: EA Sports

Key art of EA FC 24 featuring football players like Erling Halaand and Vinicius Jr
Credit: EA Sports

Are you trying to find a fix for error code 106133? Like many other players trying to launch EA games on PC like Battlefield 2042 or EA FC 24, you may have found yourself the victim of this pesky error.

Error code 106133 refers to the service being able to launch your games, particularly if you're trying to access the EA App via Steam. The message says:


There is an official workaround to this problem. Although you might not like the solution. In any case, here's how to fix error code 106133 and access your EA games.

Error code 106133 - How to fix

Key art for Battlefield 2042
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Credit: EA
Fix error code 106133 and get your games going

According to an official response on the EA Answer HQ website, you'll have to launch Steam in offline mode first to get your games started, then switch to online to access the servers.

Switching between Steam Offline and Online modes:

  • Switching Steam into 'Offline mode' > fully closing Steam (make sure that it's not running anymore) > opening Steam again and putting it back in 'Online mode'

Alternatively try the following solutions:

If these solutions don't work for you, EA is continuously monitoring the situation to see if they can provide players with more information regarding how to properly fix error code 106133.

Of course, they're also actively finding a solution to avoid the error code to pop-up in the first place, although no timeline for a possible fix has been shared in any of their social channels.

And that's it! We hope this guide helps you deal with error code 106133 and get you back into your games, especially if you're looking to grind the latest content seeing in Battlefield 2042 and all those SBCs in EA FC 24.

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