Does VPN Work With Mobile Data?

We know there are plenty of good reasons to use a VPN, but does VPN work with mobile data? Cellular networks are controlled by the networks that provide the data, and they can turn functionality on or off at the press of a button. Age restrictions, for example, are often switched on automatically by your mobile phone network. But does that mean that you can't use a VPN with mobile data? Let's find out.

Does VPN Work With Mobile Data?

So does VPN work with mobile data? The short answer is yes. As long as you have a functioning internet connection, then a VPN will work, whether that's a Wi-Fi connection, or cellular data. The basic functionality of a VPN doesn't change, however you are connecting to the internet.

On mobile data, a VPN will encrypt your data, prventing both the mobile network provider, and any third parties, from seeing your information. In addition, there are numerous VPN providers, many of whom have dedicated apps for both iOS and Android devices. They are designed specifically to work with your mobile device, on both Wi-Fi and mobile data.

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Does Using a VPN Use More Data?

Because a VPN adds additional steps in the chain, using one will increase your data consumption. How much additional data, will depend on a few different factors, such as the level of encryption. In very simple terms, the higher the level of encryption, the more data will be used, compared with lower levels of encryption. Higher levels of encryption are more secure, so it's a personal judgment around where your priorities stand. The amount of extra data that your VPN uses, will also be influenced by the way your VPN provider operates. For example, using an additional obfuscation protocol will increase data usage. Some studies have suggested an increase of between 4-20%, depending on the factors we've already mentioned.

Using a VPN on mobile data will give you the same benefits as using it on Wi-Fi - greater scurity, privacy, and access to content that might otherwise be blocked in your location (think Netflix content, for example). How much extra data it will use will depend on a number of different factors. Ultimately you may want to try one and see what impact it has.

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