Does Google Stadia have Ray-Tracing?

Ray-tracing has been a hot topic in video games ever since the release of the next generation consoles. Any game having support for this feature means breath-taking graphics for any title. Meanwhile, Google Stadia is receiving many of the latest releases too. Many of them have confirmed ray-tracing support for their release on other platforms.

However, Google doesn’t immediately confirm if their games actually support ray tracing. The platform is giving vague answers to this feature. 

Even with the platform’s promise to keep handling the hardware side of gaming, does Stadia actually support ray tracing?

A Big Maybe 

As spotted on Stadia's Twitter reply to fans, it’s confirmed that Stadia is open to support ray-tracing. However, Google is waiting for the game’s developers to add the feature to their games. 

The burden of announcing ray-tracing for Stadia can be confusing from a marketing standpoint. While some games support it, it depends on whether the servers that run Stadia have the hardware to render it. Stadia doesn't appear to dedicated hardware, so it would be a massive blow to framerate when switched on.

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Stadia’s features 

Ever since its release, Google Stadia has been confirmed that it will support the hardware side for its games when people play on this platform, regardless of the company's change of stance to Stadia as a whole.

Due to ray-tracing requiring powerful hardware, Google Stadia’s servers would have to work more to stream the higher graphics of this game. Google’s vague answer about ray-tracing means that platform could be ready for the feature but only if the developers specifically develop it for the Stadia platform. 

As of now, customers will have to wait and see if Google will officially announce ray-tracing to the platform.

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