How to do the Turbulence trend on Tiktok

how to do turbulence tiktok
Credit: TikTok

One of the latest TikTok trends is the Turbulence trend, or as it’s technically called, Whole Lotta Turbulence. Created by @officialjustjo, this streamer was able to capture the minds of many by supposedly making noises with his butt cheeks while moving up and down.

This type of content is ridiculous and a bit hard to believe, as these videos only ever show users from the waist up. Apparently, @officialjustjo did this live once, which supposedly cemented his talents as real. It has also led to a number of people attempting to do the same thing, hence, people wanting to try this.

So, users want to know how to do Turbulence TikTok and we’ll try our best to make that happen. If the man’s talents are true then it might not be something everyone can accomplish but you never know what can happen.

How to do the Turbulence trend on TikTok

Basically, if the work of @officialjustjo is to be believed, doing the Turbulence trend on TikTok involves moving your body up and down, while your butt claps. Obviously, users will need to be quite gifted in the back area to pull this off, and even then, it might not be possible.

Quite a few users think that this technique isn’t real, thinking that these influencers have someone clapping for them in the background. If you’re willing to lie, you can always use sound effects while doing the motion since these videos are pre-recorded anyway.

For those planning to do it live, you will need to be quite gifted and actually try it in action to see if this is even possible. Hopefully, those that know how to do Turbulence TikTok can eventually release some techniques on how to do it properly. Right now, all we have are their entertaining videos and not much else.

That’s how you make Turbulence on TikTok

Whether your cheeks can clap after some movement or not, you now know how to do Turbulence TikTok. It’s not going to be easy and some commenters might not even believe you can really do it but we think people should try it out, if they really want to.

And that’s how to do Turbulence TikTok. For more TikTok guides, here’s how to make a playlist and how to pin comments.

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