Destiny 2 Witch Queen Marmot Error: How To Fix The Destiny 2 Marmot Error On PC

If you've treated yourself to the latest new content for Destiny 2, then you may have already encountered the Witch Queen Marmot Error. But while Marmots may be cute and fluffy, this error is anything but. Imagine a Marmot, but one that has grown weary of eating grass and seeds and other such vegetarian things, and has now developed a savage thirst for blood. Luckily, this Marmot isn't real. It just intrudes upon your game and stops you from enjoying Destiny 2.

So we're here in our capacity as bloodthirsty-Marmot-catchers-in-chief (the Marmots are bloodthirsty, not us - we're very humane) to tell you what you can do if you run into the Marmot error while playing The Witch Queen. Here's everything you need to know.

How To Fix The Destiny 2 Marmot Error On PC

If you see the Marmot error message appear, then this is an indication that the game files have been corrupted. And this means that you need to repair or verify them. The process is very straightforward but does vary slightly depending on what platform you are using to play the game.

If you are on Steam:

  • Close Destiny 2 
  • Right click on Destiny 2 on Steam
  • Select Properties and Local Files
  • Select Verify Integrity of Game Files...
  • Wait for the process to complete. It usually takes several minutes
  • Restart Destiny 2

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Alternatively, you may be playing the game through the Microsoft Store on PC. In this case:

  • Close Destiny 2
  • Open Apps & Features in Windows Settings
  • Select Destiny 2
  • Select Advanced Options and run Repair
  • Restart Destiny 2

Whichever platform you are on, this should resolve the problem for the vast majority of people. But in the unlikely event that it doesn't help, your next step is to try uninstalling Destiny 2 and then reinstall it. And if this doesn't work either, then we'd recommend reaching out to Bungie Support for additional advice.

One final point to consider: some players are reporting this issue on console. Which is unusual, as it does tend to be a PC problem. But suggested fixes on console include clearing the console cache, or, as with PC, uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

What Is The Witch Queen Marmot Error?

As we indicated above, the Marmot error will arise when the game files have become corrupted, and need to be fixed. Thankfully, it does appear to be a relatively easy error to resolve. But if you do get the error, you won't be able to play the game until you have fixed it, so it definitely isn't one that can be ignored.

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A few minutes of effort should be enough to get you back on track and ready to resume your adventures. And that blood-crazed Marmot will be gone, and you can sleep peacefully in your bed once more.

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