Dead By Daylight Initialization Error: How To Fix DBD Initialization Issue

The Dead by Daylight initialization error has led to numerous frustrated gamers, unable to actually play the game. It's an issue which arises during the start-up sequence of the game. Players are asked to press A to continue, but instead of accessing the game, they get the Initialisation Error. It's a problem which doesn't appear to be limited to a specific platform either, with users on PC, Xbox and PlayStation all reporting this problem.

But help is at hand. We have several suggestions for you to try, in an effort to overcome the DBD Initialization Error. Let's dive in, and see if we can get you back into a fight for survival.

How to fix DBD Initialisation issue

Because this is an issue that occurs on different platforms, not every solution we suggest will be applicable to your device. But work your way through anything that is relevant, and see how you get on. Without further ado:

  • Check for a server problem. You can check the DBD server status here. If you're using an Xbox, you can check the status here, while for the PSN network, it's here. Simply put, if there is a server issue, then you won't be able to do much until that problem has been resolved.
  • Another potential solution for this error, is to enable UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) on your router. Consult your router user manual for instructions on how to do this.
  • Whether you are using a console or a PC, you can try restarting your device. In fact, when you receive the error, it is quite often accompanied by a message which says, "Restarting your game may resolve the problem". So a power cycle, followed by relaunching the game, may be effective for some players.
  • Clearing your console cache is a final step you can take, to try to resolve the issue.
    • On Xbox:
      • Press the Xbox button on your controller
      • Go to the right side of the menu to your profile
      • Select Settings
      • Then select Devices and Connections
      • Next click Blu-Ray in your menu
      • Select the Persistent Storage option
      • Click Clear Persistent Storage
    • On PlayStation:
      • Turn off your console (do not enter Rest Mode)
      • Wait 20 seconds or so
      • Unplug the power cord from the back of the console
      • Wait a couple of minutes 
      • Plug the power cord back into the console
      • Turn the console back on

Additional steps on PC

If you are on PC, then there are a couple of additional steps to try and beat the Dead by Daylight Initialization Error. Step one, is to verify the integrity of your game files. According to Steam Support:

  • Restart your computer and launch Steam
  • Next, you can either right click the game in your Library, or click the gear icon from the game's Library page on the far right
  • From the drop down menu, select Properties...
  • Select the Local Files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files... button 
  • Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes
  • Steam have highlighted that you may get a message stating that one or more files may fail to verify. Apparently, these are local configuration files, which don't need to be replaced. This means you can safely ignore this message.

One final step to try, if DBD still isn't working, is to try playing the game via Steam Cloud, instead of through the game folder on your computer. To do this:

  • From the Steam Library, right click on any game and select Properties.... 
  • Under the General tab, the Cloud Synchronization setting can be toggled.
  • Restart the Steam client, wait for it to download all the data it needs, and then launch the game.

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What causes the Dead by Daylight Initialization Error?

Like a game of Cluedo, there are a number of potential culprits that could be to blame. The most likely causes are as follows:

  • Server issues
  • Corrupted game files
  • Corrupted temporary files
  • A problem with your NAT type

In all of these instances, the solutions listed above should work. If however, you still find yourself struggling after trying all of the above, then it may be worth contacting the DBD Customer Support team for additional help and advice. You can reach them by clicking this link.

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