How to connect Apple AirPods to Nintendo Switch

AirPods can be the Nintendo Switch’s best friend

by Tom Owen
Apple AirPod Earphones

There has been a big shift in the audio market with a growth in the number of wireless options available. The Apple AirPods are up there with the best wireless earphones you can get.

This growth in wireless has coincided with the growth of all things portable and mobile, and the Nintendo Switch has been part of that. Its success has surprised a lot of people, with it overtaking the Xbox One in unit sales despite being released much later.

The Nintendo Switch is a great console, but for all its benefits it doesn’t allow for Bluetooth connections to earphones. There is a 3.5mm jack for wired earphones, but the point of portable gaming is to feel free from those kinds of restraints.

We have the answer.

What you need to buy

You need a USB-C transmitter (£37.99 from Amazon). It is a Bluetooth transmitter made specifically for the Nintendo Switch. It is small and subtle and it plugs into the bottom of the Switch. It works with any Bluetooth earphones you might have.

SIMPLICITY IS KEY: This is specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch

How to pair them

Plug the transmitter to the bottom of the Switch in its USB-C hub. Make sure your AirPods are still in the case, press and hold the pairing button on the back of the AirPods.

Then press and hold the pairing button (left) on the transmitter and wait a few seconds.

A green light should stay solid once there is a connection, and when you see that light, you should now be connected. To change volume use your Nintendo Switch like you would any other time.


Tom Owen