Atari VCS: How to pair a controller

After almost three decades, the Atari VCS is making a comeback. Along with its return, the Atari console also comes with two new controllers that nods to both modern and old-school designs for video game controllers. 

One of those controllers is the joystick controller which has the classic Atari controller design. Meanwhile, the Atari VCS also has its own modern controller that’s shares its design with many standard-issue controllers for any console. 

Due to the new Atari VCS console having two controllers, pairing it can be a confusing task. The Atari modern controller can also be played on either wired or wireless connection to the main console. 

Fortunately, the pairing process is fairly simple for the modern controller. It only takes a few button presses. 

The Wired Method

As seen on the official Atari VCS site, connect the Atari controller via a wire is possible. To do this, use a USB cable to connect it directly to your console.  

Once it’s connected, power the Atari console up. The console will take a few moments to recognize the controller. 

The Atari VCS console will pop a message up on the screen once the pairing is successful.  

Playing Wireless 

Alternatively, it’s also possible to pair the Atari VCS modern controller wirelessly to the console. First, boot up the Atari VCS console itself before the controller.  

Let the console complete its boot up and check the screen if there is a flashing blue icon on it. This is the sign that the console is looking for consoles to link itself to. 

Once the icon shows, hold down the Atari Fuji button on the controller until the console recognizes it. Playing wirelessly is now possible up until the controller goes too far away from the console or runs out of batteries. 

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