Xbox: How to check how much is left on your Xbox controller battery!

Some of the most recently released Xbox controllers are classified as wireless controllers - meaning that these can be connected to your console without the presence of a physical wire. With that being said however, you'll need to use batteries to power them up.

But can you keep track on how much battery life is left on your controller?

Well it is possible, and you may have the ability to see this through your actual Xbox screen.

With that, here's how to check how much is left on your Xbox controller battery.

Check your controller's battery level on the Xbox screen

When I say Xbox screen, it's essentially your TV screen where your console is connected, where the actual gaming takes place.

As per the official support page for Xbox, you can locate your controller's battery life on the upper right corner of your screen.

But take note that only one controller's battery capacity is shown on your Xbox screen. And it is the one where the Xbox button has been pressed to kickstart the console.

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xbox series x controller button switch between console and bluetooth
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Which batteries can you use on your Xbox controllers?

It shouldn't be a challenge for you to find the right batteries to use on your Xbox controllers.

Alkaline or rechargeable batteries can already suffice your controllers' needed power supply in order to work and run all day long.

Yet you could definitely save more when you use the rechargeable ones, and it could be a more consistent option compared to the disposable type.

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