Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 price leaked! Plus everything we know about its specs, features and release date

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Samsung have been touting their foldable phones for the last eighteen months, which began with the first Galaxy Fold model.

While some touted it as ‘the one people will want to see and buy’, it ultimately didn’t end up that way, mainly due to the manufacturing issues of the first model.

With the second version receiving much kinder reviews when it was released in September of this year, thoughts are already turning to the third version.

We may already know when it’s coming out, and how much it will be.


According to a known leaker called Mauri QHD on Twitter, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will cost the same as its predecessor, which would put the price point at around $1,999 USD. (That's just shy of £1,500 GBP in the UK, judging by the current exchange rate.)


At a recent Samsung Investor Forum, the company spoke about how they were currently in the midst of working on a much thinner and lighter device.

They also touted an ‘under-the-screen selfie camera’, which would be an interesting evolution of cut hole cameras that have taken hold of the smartphone space.

But the issue here is light. A camera needs a large amount of light to generate a clear image, so to have that behind a screen may cause issues.

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Alongside the touted specifications, it’s also rumoured that Qualcomm’s new processor, the ‘Snapdragon 888’ is coming to the Fold3, with much faster speeds, more cores, and better 5G for the many different networks across the world.

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Release Date

The rumours point towards a Spring 2021 release. With talk brewing of no Note phone next year, it makes sense to simplify the Galaxy line, as people are looking more towards smaller phones, rather than ‘Plus-sized’ phones.

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