Samsung cancels Galaxy Note 21 due to global chip shortages

Samsung has officially cancelled the Galaxy Note 21 amid the ongoing worldwide shortage of semiconductors. With the company originally set to launch two high-end devices this year, one unfortunately had to buckle.

Samsung is still planning to continue production of the S21 line that debuted earlier this year. However, the current state of the world can't support two flagship products at once.

Why did Samsung cancel Galaxy Note S21?

With every hardware company under the sun battling for access to chipsets, Samsung has cancelled the Galaxy Note 21. Samsung co-CEO DJ Koh explained that releasing a second flagship this year would be a "burden" for the company.

“The disparity between the supply of parts and demand in the information technology (IT) side is severe," Ko said. (Via Digital Daily) "We are checking the parts supply problem every morning. It is difficult to say that it is 100% resolved. It is a bit of a problem in the second quarter. We will report as a result so that there is no business disruption.”

Will there be a Samsung Note 22?

Samsung has expressed plans to return to the Samsung Galaxy Note line with next year's efforts. Hopefully, when chip shortages have calmed down, the high-end line will return for fans.

Samsung's Note line has always been a flagship product. Obviously, these top-of-the-line products require the most complex components. If chip supplies return to normal, there's no reason why Samsung wouldn't make a Note 22 next year.

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