How to customize the RGB on a Razer BlackWidow Keyboard

The BlackWidow keyboard is one of Razer's most recognized mechanical keyboards available today. One of its selling points is its customizable features, mainly their 'Chroma' RGB where they can be shown in a variety of patterns and speeds.

However, these can't be done with just one click. In order for you to explore the RGB for your BlackWidow, you need to look at their 'Synapse' application.

After the first go, you'll be able to program some bright lights that will give your gaming setup a bit of colour, from red, to blue, to green.

With that being said, here's how to customize a Razer BlackWidow's colour scheme including the RGB.

Download the Razer Synapse app

The only way you can get those RGB and other colour schemes for your Razer BlackWidow keyboard is by installing the Razer Synapse app.

It lets you control how you would like the colours to appear on the keyboard, with a variety of corresponding colour schemes.

You can download it here. Once you have it installed, set it up and get ready for a colourful journey ahead.

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Use the Razer Synapse app to customize your Blackwidow's color scheme

If your Synapse app is already installed and running, open it up and proceed with customizing your Razer Blackwidow's color scheme.

  • Select the Keyboard option on top of your Synapse app window.
  • Then look for the Chroma option on the same line as the Keyboard one.
  • It shall now direct you to various Chroma color scheme options. Select the RGB one, and enjoy using your Razer Blackwidow keyboard with the lights glowing on.

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