Razer: Can you use the Razer Nari while charging?

The Razer Nari headphones allows players to indulge in a deeper sound connection to the games they're playing. But does its charging time interrupt you from using it?

Most headphones out there may need to be charged first before using. Although there are some that can be used while the charging simultaneously takes place.

But where does the Razer Nari belong to those options?

Here's what you need to know if you can use the Razer Nari headset while charging.

Can you use the Razer Nari while charging?

We have found that you can indeed use the Razer Nari while charging.

But there is a downside if you do so, especially with its audio playback performance and capabilities.

The Razer Nari's passive playback may not be used during its charging time. Therefore, it can't be used through the 3.5mm input without sufficient battery charge.

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How long does the Razer Nari need to charge?

In order for you to fully charge the Razer Nari, this could last up to 4 hours.

You can use a powered USB port while utilizing the headphones' own charging cable.

It is also advisable for new users to let the Razer Nari be charged first. Once and fully-powered up, you may now let it accompany you on your gaming experience.

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