PSVR blurry visuals: How to reduce blurriness on PSVR

With the PSVR headset, there may be times that you experience some sort of blurriness upon using it.

When it happens, it may affect the visuals available in your headset. Irritating, right?

But of course, you can reduce it, if you know your way around your settings and calibration tools.

Yep, here's how to reduce blurriness on PSVR:

Reduce blurriness on PSVR by cleaning the lenses

The most basic thing and the number one step by default is to clean your PSVR's lenses.

Some may search how to reduce the blurriness. But this simple step tends to be disregarded by most PSVR users out there.

Use a fiber cloth to wipe off the possible residue, dirt, or dust in your PSVR's lenses.

Just take note that wipe it smoothly and gently to prevent any other dirt or damages on your headset.

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Reduce blurriness on PSVR by measuring the eye-to-eye distance

This is the more 'techie' way of dealing with the blurriness of your PSVR.

Push Square mentioned that if you are confident about the cleanliness of your PSVR's lenses, you can reduce the blurriness by measuring the eye-to-eye distance.

Just go to the PS4 or PS5 menu and choose the settings. Click on the devices option, choose PlayStation VR, then click the measure eye-to-eye distance.

You will then be directed to do some steps and once you find the appropriate settings of the lenses, you're good to go.

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