PS5 download queue: How to see your downloads

If you're downloading games or any other files using your PlayStation 5 console, of course, sometimes you will want to see your downloads list.

But if you are having a hard time finding it, don't worry. We've got it covered for you.

Just take note of the proper steps in order to see your downloads right through your PS5 screen.

Here's how to see your downloads on PS5:

How to see your downloads on PS5

According to Gaming Intel, there are simple steps you need to follow to have a look at your PS5's downloads list.

If you want to look for a single download, just check out the game you are installing on the PS5's dashboard.

And also press the Down button to show the Download bar on your screen.

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How to see your Downloads page on PS5

Now if you want to see the whole list of your downloads, you can still do it in your console.

Just press the PlayStation button lightly and quickly to open the Control Center. Look for the Downloads/Uploads option by going right to the choices available (it looks like a little arrow pointing downwards).

Then once you have found it, click X to view your whole downloads or uploads list.

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