PS5 Pro not powerful enough to run GTA 6 at 60FPS

gta 6 bikini lady with black and white playstation 5 designs on top

gta 6 bikini lady with black and white playstation 5 designs on top


  • The PlayStation 5 Pro's hardware is being tested but it's not a massive upgrade.
  • The increase in performance will not be enough to allow it to run GTA 6 at 60 FPS consistently.
  • GTA 6 will primarily be released as a console port due to sales figures.

More leaks are coming out about the PS5 Pro and this time they suggest that the much-anticipated console isn't actually that ‘Pro’.

In the last week, the specs of the PS5 Pro have become a hot topic of discussion, with various upgrades mentioned over the standard console. These include a new AI upscaling technology called “PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution” and 2x to 4x better ray tracing performance.

However, recent updates from Digital Foundry suggest that the console may not be able to expertly run GTA 6 - one of the most anticipated games in the world.

GTA 6 has been announced to be a console only release for now and fans of the upcoming title are surprised to learn that the PS5 Pro will not be able to run the game at 60 FPS.

On the March 19 episode of DF Direct. Founder Rich Leadbetter talked about how the CPU of the Pro model will be practically identical to the current base variant. Both consoles will have an eight-core 16 Thread Zen 2 with clock speeds only increasing to 3.85GHz from 3.5GHz due to a “High CPU Frequency Mode.” On the TFLOPS and GPU side, there are improvements like an upgrade to 33.5 teraflops from the PS5's 10.28 teraflops, but these don't seem to be enough to alleviate concerns for the team at Digital Foundry.

Leadbetter stated that while the base PS5 is set to run GTA 6 at 30 FPS, the Pro will most likely only be able to match that, as a minor 10% increase in CPU clock speed won’t double the frame rates of the game. He was quoted saying about the change to 3.85GHz, “It will help your, sort of, worst possible frame rates when you’re CPU-limited, but it’s not a game changer. I think that’s pretty clear.”

With no other massive new games on the horizon, it doesn't seem likely that owners of current PS5 users will be tempted by the Pro upgrade which may only result in PC gamers buying the console when considering a shift to play the much anticipated Rockstar game.

Check out more details about PS5 Pro specs and how PS5 Pro AI upscaling will crush AMD’s FSR tech.

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