Full-body VR might actually happen: Omni One has ambitious plans - but has this gone too far?!

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As VR gradually becomes more embraced by the gaming community, one company has taken the virtual reality experience even further by announcing a full-body VR set for your home.

Virtuix's Omni One VR set includes an omni-directional treadmill as it seeks to expand the immersion offered by virtual reality without requiring large portions of space.

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For all the details, along with some pretty striking comparisons, keep reading...

Virtuix Omni One VR announced!

The Omni One VR set, first revealed on October 7, allows players to walk and run in 360 degrees inside a video game world while wearing a cable-free VR headset.

The set includes a 4-ft omnidirectional treadmill attached to a harness/vest/waistcoat that players will strap into. According to the Virtuix website, this will offer "unrestricted freedom of movement including crouching, strafing, kneeling and jumping."

The company plans to have 30 games available at launch, which will be "developed by Virtuix and third-party studios." These will likely include many of Virtuix's already established games made for its Omni Arena set-up.

While we certainly think the Omni One VR set looks incredibly fun, we can't stop making the comparison to the Dean in Season 6 of Community.

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And Jesus Wept!

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Virtuix Omni One price and release date

If you thought regular VR was already an expensive venture, Virtuix;s full-body experience goes beyond the pricing of the PSVR and Oculus Rift. The Omni One will cost $1995 when it launches, or $55 per month as part of a payment plan.

Virtuix compare the price of the Omni One to the Peloton bike range, with its CEO Jan Goetgeluk stating "We aim to become the Peloton for gamers."

Alongside the $1995 price, Virtuix will also have an 'Omni Online' monthly subscription service "for online gameplay, player rankings, and contests and prizes."

Virtuix plans to release the Omni One in 2021 and is currently looking for further investor support. You can view the prototype trailer below:

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