Hot off the heels of their 3090Ti event, they've been announcing products across the gaming spectrum.

NVIDIA began the show with the first of four tentpoles, namely streaming, and their 'Broadcast' software.

Streaming is everywhere in 2020, mainly thanks to its ease of use, and it looks to be even easier to manage with the features that NVIDIA has announced this week.

Here's an overview of what NVIDIA Broadcast will bring to streamers.


With so many noise-cancellation peripherals out there, NVIDIA looks to be aware of this, but to have it as a switch for certain microphones instead.

With a simple switch from the app, it looks to block out many loud noises, including hairdryers.

Webcam Tracking

Something that could be useful for many, especially if there's VR streaming involved with a lot of movement.

It's not confirmed as yet, but it looks to use a feature from the new Ampere-chip, featured in the new GeForce 3090Ti cards, so watch out if this feature doesn't appear just yet for your PC.

Broadcast Backgrounds

Taking some inspiration from Zoom in this post-COVID times, changing backgrounds is now a standard on many video apps, and it looks like NVIDIA Broadcast is going to make it even easier for streamers.

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The 'Broadcast' features look like they're going to help out a lot of streamers

Seemingly usable without a green screen, it looks to help out those who simply can't get the feature to work through other streaming applications like xSplit.

There isn't a release date for NVIDIA Broadcast as yet, but it's expected to be launched soon, alongside the new 30 Series of GPU products.

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