MyArcade Game Station Portable - specs, games, release date, and price

An image of the MyArcade Game Station Portable

An image of the MyArcade Game Station Portable

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We have a fascinating new entrant in the world of handheld gaming, especially for those looking to buy the best retro game consoles: the MyArcade Game Station Portable.

A collaboration between Atari and My Arcade, the Game Station Portable was unveiled at the CES 2024 event. This handheld gaming system is aimed at retro gaming enthusiasts and those who appreciate the nostalgia of classic Atari games.

This guide is designed to provide you with comprehensive information about the release date, price, and specifications of this eagerly anticipated handheld console.

MyArcade Game Station Portable specs and games

The MyArcade Game Station Portable sports a 7-inch screen, a size comparable to popular handhelds like the Steam Deck and AYANEO Next Lite, providing a substantial viewing area for gaming.

One of the standout features of the Game Station Portable is its array of controls designed for a classic gaming experience. It includes a paddle controller, D-pad, trackball, dial, keypad, and ABXY buttons, which are ideal for playing traditional games like Pong.

MyArcade has also added an innovative touch with the incorporation of LEDs around the supported controller. These LEDs provide visual cues to players, especially those who might be less familiar with Atari's classic games.

Additionally, the system is designed with practicality in mind, featuring a rechargeable lithium battery, a convenient kickstand and two USB Type-C connectors. This enhances its versatility, allowing for easy charging and connection to other devices.

While Atari has not yet released the full list of games compatible with the MyArcade Game Station Portable, the MyArcade team revealed at CES 2024 that the system already supports an impressive collection of over 200 titles.

MyArcade Game Station Portable release date and price

The MyArcade Game Station Portable is slated to be available towards the end of 2024. Its launch is tentatively scheduled for the fourth quarter of the year, indicating a potential release in either October, November, or December.

As for the price of the MyArcade Game Station Portable, it is set to retail for $149 in the US market, according to VideoCardz. However, the price in other international markets has yet to be announced and could differ.

That covers everything about the MyArcade Game Station Portable. If you're on the lookout for more options in handheld gaming, be sure to explore our top recommendations for the best gaming handhelds of 2024.

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