Is 2400MHz RAM Good for Gaming?

Many PC builders and gamers wonder if 2400MHz RAM is good enough for gaming, which may depend on the processor installed in your PC. While this maybe good news for Intel users, for those using a Ryzen processor you may want to look at a few more options...

Let's see if using budget 2400MHz RAM would hurt your gaming experience or may be a good way to keep your PC within your budget!

Is 2400MHz RAM Good for Gaming?

This depends on which CPU your system uses, as the Ryzen processors by AMD offer higher performance with faster RAM installed while Intel the speed of RAM may not directly impact your PC's performance.

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AMD PCs typically have faster RAM due to the Infinity Fabric, which is directly tied to the installed memory speed; this means having faster RAM will allow your CPU to output the highest performance possible while slower RAM can severely limit the performance.

Intel CPUs don't utilize the same Infinity Fabric system, and because of this, the CPU's performance is tied directly to the RAM module's speed. While using slower RAM may result in a slight dip in performance, the dip will be significantly less when compared to the loss in performance that AMD CPUs would see.

The only caveat to that is if, instead of having a graphics card, your PC uses the integrated GPU, which will always see a significant drop in performance when using 2400MHz or even 3000MHz RAM.

Is It Worth It?

Most RAM modules pricing up to 3000MHz or even higher usually don't come at a significantly higher cost, so AMD users spend the extra money and get the faster RAM.

Intel users, if your budget comes down to a five-dollar difference, then buying the 2400MHz RAM may be worth looking into!

If you're looking for RAM while having a tight budget, then check out Gfinity's Best RAM 2021 for some fantastic deals!

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