Intel Alder Lake Release Date: When Could An Intel 12th Generation CPU be released?

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Intel's rumoured next processor, Alder Lake, is claimed to be on its way, but what do we know about the release date?

Let's take a look at what we know so far.

Intel Alder Lake release date

Official release dates for the 12th generation processors by Intel have yet to announced, but with the 11th generation coming out at the end of this month many will assume that the 12th generation will either come out next year (2022) or late this year.

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Alder Lake will be Intel's 12th generation processors series

Since Intel's latest generation (the 10th generation) is about to be refreshed with its Rocket Lak processors, most would assume that the 12th generation would be released in 2022, if Intel followed their standard release dates.

If Intel's Alder Lake does release this year, it most likely won't be until October or December to ensure that they are available for the holiday season. This later release date will also ensure that it won't interfere with the 11th generation processors which are coming out on March 30th.

What else do we know about Alder Lake Processors?

Intel normally keeps the same node manufacturing process but refine it throughout those generations

Many benchmarks of Alder Lake processors have already been released, with some news outlets stating that it'll support not only PCI 5.0 and DDR5 RAM. These benchmarks have shown how much faster these processors will be when compared to the current generation.

The Alder Lake processors are also expected to merge Intel's desktop PC processors and mobile processors, these processors will feature five configurations with S, -P, -N, -M, and -L. All of these designators will show what the processor was built for with the -S and -P designators being focused on Desktop PCs.

For everything Alder Lake be sure to check back in with us soon.

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