HTC Vive: How to turn off the base stations

When placing the base stations of your HTC Vive VR headset, you usually don't remove them, as they're in a place where the headset can find them. However, how do you turn them off when you need to?

There is a way but not just by simply unplugging it. Thanks to our friends called 'Bluetooth' and 'SteamVR', it could be possible even without manually turning it off one by one.

You merely need to set up a few pre-requisites and for them to turn off automatically.

With that, here's how to turn off the base stations of your HTC Vive.

Unplug your base stations

Let's go to the more, obvious route in turning them off.

For many users of the VR headset, they simply unplug their base stations at the wall to turn them all off.

By this method you could easily turn the base stations off and not worry about them. Although this method is the recommended one by HTC themselves, some see this as an improper method.

It can make your devices and even yourself tiresome, when there are better ways of doing this.

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Turn off your base stations wirelessly via Bluetooth and SteamVR

This isn't just a more strongly recommended method, it's also one done in style.

VR Heads stated that you can turn off your base stations using 'Bluetooth' and the 'SteamVR' app from your PC.

Simply open your Steam VR app and go to the settings menu. Switch to general tab and select the install Bluetooth driver option.

Once this is done, choose to 'Enable Bluetooth communication' and check the box containing 'Put base station in standby mode when VR is not in use.'

Once this is complete, you've now saved yourself a manual job as soon as you're done playing your favoured VR game.

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