HTC Vive lagging: How to fix lag spikes

Lag spikes are very uncomfortable and disturbing in the world of tech and video games in general, and the 'HTC Vive' headset experiences those too.

It often disrupts your game, and what could be worse is when you are about to win or accomplish something, then suddenly a lag spike occurs; it can be a bone of frustration.

But despite the dilemma it can give us players, there are some ways in how to prevent those, including for the VR headset in the spotlight.

With that, here's how to fix lag spikes on your HTC Vive.

Turn off or restart your HTC Vive

While doing this also works for a bunch of gadgets and devices (not just for VR), it's usually done when a certain lag spike or issue takes place.

It may sound simple, but try turning off or restarting your HTC Vive headset, it does work most of the time.

Once you do so, hope for the best that you'll go back to your current progress before the lag occured.

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Turn off or restart your SteamVR

The official Reddit page for HTC Vive knows that this method could also help you deal with the lag spikes.

The problem may not just happen because of the actual headset itself, but also the program or game it runs.

Just turn off or restart your SteamVR by clicking the 'x' on the top-right corner of your Steam window. If you do so, the lag issues emerging will have a high chance of dissipating.

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