HTC Vive: How to turn on headset

Whichever gadget you want to use in this life, it won't work unless you turn it on. The same goes for the HTC Vive VR headset.

And so, in order to use it, you need to turn on the actual headset. But at the same time, you have your Vive system, too.

Just turn those on, and you can grasp your full VR experience!

Here's how to turn on your HTC Vive headset:

Turn on your HTC Vive headset

The official HTC Vive support page listed how you can do it.

First off, you need to charge your headset by using a USB Type-C cord and power adapter. You can find it in the box of the headset. Both of those will come along with the actual HTC Vive headset when you buy it.

Once you charged it, press and hold on to the Power button until it turns on.

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Turn on the Vive system

Along with the HTC Vive headset, you also need to turn on the Vive system.

Open the SteamVR app in your PC. Then check if all of your Vive hardware's (headset, controllers, and link box) status lights are green.

And if it becomes green, that means the Vive system is now on. You can now enjoy your VR experience!

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