How to use PS Move controllers on Windows 10

Depending on which bundle you pick up, the PSVR headset comes with the VR-ready PS Move controllers to use it. Originally created for the PlayStation 3, Sony's primitive VR controllers are a great entry into virtual reality gaming.

Despite offering a great starting VR experience, Sony's PSVR for PS4 and PS5 doesn't have every VR game available. As it stands, a lot of VR experiences are exclusive to PC. With that in mind, can you actually use PS Move controllers on a Windows 10 PC or laptop?

The answer is yes, but it is a bit of a hassle.

What do I need to connect these controllers?

Connection PlayStation Move controllers to PC requires a lot of setup first. Firstly, you'll need USB PlayStation Eye controllers for PS3 that you can connect to your PC.

Secondly, it is absolutely essential to use the fan created PS Move Service application. This app will manage the motion controllers as well as the USB cameras.

How to use PS Move controllers on PC with Bluetooth Pairing

One of the easiest ways of connecting your PS Move controllers to a PC is through Bluetooth connectivity. As long as your computer supports Bluetooth – most laptops have this – then you can connect your controllers this way.

Firstly, you'll need to turn on Bluetooth option on your PC or laptop. To do this, go to settings, Devices, Bluetooth and toggle it on. Next, press the PS button on your Move controller. The status LED will then start to blink.

Wait for the blinking to stop and stay still. Once it happens, your PSVR move controllers will be connected to your Windows PC or laptop.

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Use your PSVR controllers on Windows 10 via USB

PlayStation Move controllers can connect via USB, but with a huge caveat: they still need a Bluetooth connection. It's a weird relationship: while it is easier to connect

Using the PS Move Pair Utility that you'll have to manually build, you will be able to pair through your USB cable.

Then, the utility will list the Bluetooth host address of the PC or laptop. Your PSVR move controllers should now be connected. However, this is a last ditch effort for connecting.

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