How to play SteamVR games on Oculus Rift S

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The Oculus Rift S lets you play various games on it. But all of those could be run by using the SteamVR.

Steam, as we all know, is a distribution channel for a wide variety of games. It has the SteamVR option, which lets players get and run games with VR features.

And the Oculus Rift S utilizes the SteamVR - you'll use this platform to play the games in your headset.


And here's how to play SteamVR games on Oculus Rift S:

Install your Oculus Rift S headset and download the Oculus app

The first thing you need to do is to install and connect your Oculus Rift S headset. You may proceed here for instructions.

Then another thing you need to keep in mind is the Oculus app which you will use to navigate and control your headset. Get that app downloaded ASAP.

Go to the settings menu and click general. Proceed by choosing the unknown sources option and select allow.

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Download, install, and use SteamVR

The SteamVR app and software can offer a wide variety of games for your headset.

Install it for free from here. After you get it, launch the SteamVR right directly from the app itself.

Go to the VR icon placed at the top-right part of your Steam window. Click it and the SteamVR will be launched. You can choose games from it and enjoy playing those!

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