How to log out of Facebook on Oculus Quest

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The Oculus Quest headset is created by the company Oculus. And a major fact about it is that Oculus is owned by Facebook Technologies.

But if you really want to log out your Facebook account on your Oculus Quest, then maybe this will help (or at least make you realise some things).


And here's how to log out of Facebook on Oculus Quest:

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Is it possible?

Well before you attempt doing it, let me tell you something that could change your mind.

The Oculus Quest and all the other Oculus VR headsets available ALL require you to use a Facebook account.


So if you wish to log out of Facebook, there will be a LOT of features that will not be available.

Think twice. Because if you insist on doing so, then what's the point of using the Oculus Quest?

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Can you disconnect your Facebook account on Oculus Quest?

Yet if you want to go the extra mile by disconnecting your Facebook account on Oculus Quest, it's a no again.

As of September 2020, you can no longer disconnect your Facebook account on your headset. Android Central can testify.


Well, it's a Facebook-owned property after all. If you want to go through your account settings in your Oculus headset, click here.

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