How to install PSVR on PC: Can you connect the headset to a Windows 10 PC or laptop?

The PSVR of course works hand-in-hand with the PlayStation system by Sony. But thanks to a handy piece of third-party software, you can actually install it and connect to a Windows 10 PC or laptop.

You just need to take note of some important reminders in order to install and connect it.

But once you are complete with those, you're all good to enjoy your PSVR connected to your Windows-based PC or laptop.

Here's how to install your PSVR on PC:

Install the PSVR on your PC by using Trinus PSVR

According to Windows Central, you'll need the Trinus PSVR software which can handle the connection between your PC and PSVR headset.

You can download it here. Once you are done, install it to your PC. Then connect your PS4 unit to your PC or laptop by using a USB port cable.

Once you have done that, you can now proceed by running the Trinus PSVR.

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Run the Trinus PSVR app and connect your PSVR

Open the Trinus PSVR app and it will redirect you to your own Steam folder.

Head to the main tab and click the dropdown arrow. You can find there the DISPLAY1 option, click it, then follow it up by clicking the dropdown menu.

Then choose VR and click the assign key button to choose a key on your keyboard to reset your view in PSVR.

Click the checkbox and start. Right-click the Steam menu in the start menu. Click run as administrator, follow on through with the process, and once you reach the end, click done, and enjoy your PSVR on your PC or laptop.

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