How to download the Oculus app, and why you need it

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Just like any VR or virtual reality headset out there, the Oculus VR headsets are supported by their own app, also called Oculus.

In order for you to do what you want in your Oculus VR headset, you will need the support of the app itself.

There's no loss in downloading it - it's available to download for free.

So, here's how to download the Oculus app, and why you need it for your Oculus VR headsets:


How to download Oculus app

You can download the Oculus app on its own official website:you can click here to check it out!

Don't hesitate to download it. As I said, it's free. Just think of it as your Oculus VR headset's own mind.

Once installed on your PC, laptop, phone, or any other device, you may proceed with setting up your Oculus VR headset.

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Setup your Oculus headset with the app

You'll need the Oculus app to setup your Oculus headsets.

There are different instructions, however, for each of the Oculus VR headset variants available.

You can look through the installation process of those here.

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