How to download and install custom Beat Saber songs on Oculus Quest

You can enjoy listening to songs on your Oculus Quest headset with the Beat Saber VR rhythm game.

Yeah, you heard it right. It's a VR rhythm game, and you can groove while playing it, and the songs are the heart and soul of Beat Saber.

But can you install custom songs for the game? It's a good question!

Well, we've got it covered. And so, here's how to download and install custom Beat Saber songs on Oculus Quest:

Use the SideQuest and BMBF programs

Beast Saber listed the two main instruments needed to download and install custom songs on your Beat Saber game - SideQuest and BMBF.

SideQuest is another way to get apps and games. You can get it here. While BMBF is what you need to get those custom songs playing inside the game. Get it here.

Install SideQuest, then once you open it, install BMBF by dragging it on to SideQuest.

Manage BMBF on your PC by logging in and typing your Quest's IP address, but end it with the text ":50000."

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Download and install songs by using BeatSync

Once you have the BMBF running, go through its built-in BeatSync to download and install new and custom Beat Saber songs.

You just need to follow the instructions once you open it.

And with just that, listen in and play through the songs you want. Groove with the beat!

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