How to connect an Xbox One controller to NVIDIA GeForce Now on any device

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The cloud device-based GeForce Now app may let its users utilize external console and gaming controllers, and the list of compatible gamepads includes the controller for Xbox One.

If you want to use your Xbox controller with GeForce Now, then, just take note of some steps. And when you've followed them all, it's game time!


And so, here's how to connect an Xbox One controller to NVIDIA GeForce Now on any device:

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Use a cable to connect your Xbox One controller to GeForce Now

This is one of the two possible methods on how to connect your Xbox One console controller to GeForce Now.

PC Mag suggests that you use a cable to link your controller's USB port to your PC that runs the GeForce Now app.


Simple and efficient - although this isn't a wireless solution, obviously.

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Utilize your Xbox One controller and PC, tablet or mobile's Bluetooth features

You can also have a wireless connection between the two devices by using their Bluetooth features and capabilities.

  • Turn on both your PC, laptop, tablet or phone's Bluetooth pairing feature.
  • Hold the Xbox button on the middle of your controller and wait until the Xbox logo blinks.
  • Once it happens, you're now good to connect your controller to your PC in no time.

And now, you can enjoy playing your games along with the help of your Xbox One controller!

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