How to connect a Razer wireless headset to PC

Razer has a wide array of wireless headsets, and being wireless means that you don't have to use a physical cable or wire to connect it to a device.

Most of the time, those devices, such as mobile phones or PCs can be paired or connected to the headset via Bluetooth.

There are just a few procedures on how you can pull this off. But once covered, you may enjoy using your Razer wireless headset in no time.

With that, here's how to connect a Razer wireless headset to PC.

Connect your Razer wireless by using Bluetooth

As mentioned by the Razer Adaro wireless headset manual, you can use a Razer headset by using its Bluetooth capability.

Almost all Razer wireless headsets have this function, too. So your headset must be Bluetooth ready on all times.

But you must also ensure that your PC has a Bluetooth function, because if it doesn't have one, it may be impossible to pair both devices.

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How to connect your Razer wireless by using Bluetooth

If you checked that both parties can do Bluetooth, you may now proceed with pairing the Razer wireless headset to your PC.

  • Turn on your Razer wireless headset, and it shall be ready for Bluetooth function immediately. It will tell you that it is capable once you see an alternate blinking of its red and blue signal lights.
  • Then activate the Bluetooth feature on your PC.
  • Once it scans nearby devices, choose the one with the Razer (name of the headset) Wireless.
  • After selecting it, wait for both devices to pair. You must hear a short beep that will indicate that your headset is now connected to your PC.

You should now be able to use your Razer wireless headset after doing all those steps above.

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