How to cast Oculus Quest to phone

What you can see on your Oculus Quest can also be seen on your phone. Cool, right?

You just need to follow some steps to cast it on your phone. Doing so will transform your trust iPhone or Android device into an instant VR viewing experience.

And make sure you have the Oculus Quest's partner app. If you do not, then your phone could miss the chance of a lifetime. (No, you're being dramatic!)

Anyway, here's how to cast Oculus Quest to your phone:

Download the Oculus app

Your Oculus VR headsets would be useless if you don't have the Oculus app on your phone or PC.

Each of the Oculus VR headsets has a corresponding app for it. Get yours here.

You'll need it not just to cast your Oculus Quest to your phone, but also to run it as a whole.

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Cast the Oculus Quest to your phone by using the app

The official support website of Oculus says it all, my friend.

Press the Oculus menu button on your right controller. Once the menu is up, select sharing.

Then choose cast from the sharing menu. Choose Oculus app from the choices that will appear. Then click next. Finally, choose start from the VR bar and open your phone.

Go to your notifications to open your Oculus app and enjoy your VR experience of casting your Oculus Quest to your phone!

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