How to calibrate PSVR: How to set up your headset and recalibrate it later

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Your PSVR headset needs to be calibrated, of course, and you just need to follow some simple steps to achieve that feat.

Being properly calibrated helps to solve some minor issues and problems in your PSVR headset.

For example, when the camera tracking aspect lingers upon using it, calibrating the PSVR headset can fix that in no time.

And so, here's how to set up tour PSVR headset and recalibrate it later:

Calibrate your PSVR headset in the settings

IGN listed how to calibrate your PSVR headset in simple ways.

Click the settings menu and scroll your way down to the devices option and select the PlayStation VR tab.

Once you reach that, you'll find the different options and categories on how you can calibrate your own PSVR headset.

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Calibrate options for your PSVR headset

There are different calibrate options for your PSVR headset which you can customize.

These include your PSVR headset's screen brightness, virtual screen size, headset position, the PlayStation camera, tracking lights, and the eye distance.

Once you are done with any of those, save it and you will see the adjustments take place.

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