How to become a Razer Affiliate

Razer has launched its Affiliate program to help the company promote its products.

In return for promotion (and taking a cut from any sales you drive, of course), Razer will sponsor you with their hardware, and I'm talking about some of their high-end and coolest ones.

Yet, of course, not just anyone could be eligible to apply for the program. There are certain qualifications needed to become one.

And so, here's how to become a Razer Affiliate:

Razer Affiliate Program

The Razer Affiliate Program lets people from all across the globe be sponsored by the company in various ways.

Once you're up and running and driving some sales, all the Affiliate partners may have a dose of each of the following:

  • 3% for Peripherals
  • US$5/unit for Systems
  • US$5/unit for Mobiles
  • 10% for Respawn products

As of now, there are two modes on how you can be a Razer Affiliate partner. One is through your own websites, where you get to flash their banners and posters promoting their products. A commission of up to 10% can be available once a visitor purchased through the links on your website.

The other one is by being a streamer. They already have the Razer Streamer program. But in some cases, streamers can also be chosen to be a Razer Affiliate partner.

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How to apply as a Razer Affiliate partner

If you want to apply as a Razer Affiliate partner, just head on to the Impact Radius Marketplace under the Razer Affiliate Program campaign.

But of course, keep in mind that there Razer will choose the best ones for their program.

If you own a website, your site must generate a significant amount of traffic in order to be a partner. While if you're a streamer, it should be a given that you already have a bunch of followers or viewers.

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