How to adjust PSVR: Loosen or tighten your headset today

Looking to adjust your PSVR headset and make it comfier? Well then, you've come to the right place!

The headset will be attached to your noggin throughout the play session, which means that you need to feel comfortable using it.

We can adjust it by loosening or tightening. It just depends on you and what is comfortable for you.

Here's how to adjust your PSVR headset today:

Adjusting your PSVR headset

Android Central has shared some insights on how to adjust your PSVR headset.

Firstly, put your headset on your head. If it does not fit right on your head, this is where the adjustments need to happen.

Push the button placed on the middle part of the back band. It will allow you to expand the headband further. Pull the band and the headset from the other side to adjust.

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Adjust the goggles/lens of your PSVR headset

Aside from the overall headset itself, you can also adjust the goggles/lens part of your headset.

Find the button placed on the bottom right part of the headset. Press it and it will let you move and adjust the goggle nearer or further your head.

Once you have the right adjustments where you are comfortable even while moving, you can now enjoy playing through your PSVR headset!

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