How much RAM do you need for gaming 2021?

RAM is a highly crucial part of nearly any PC user's system; ensuring that your system has enough RAM to reach its max performance is part of the PC building experience that many users overlook when planning out their system.

The required amount of RAM for your system does change depending on the PC's use case. Solely gaming PCs often require less RAM when compared to video editing or a streamer's PC.

Let's look at how much RAM a gaming PC needs in 2021!

How much RAM do you need for gaming 2021?

Most gaming PCs feature anywhere from 8 GB up to 16 GB of RAM; this range of RAM capacity allows for tight budget PCs to buy just a single stick of RAM with the expectation of upgrading down the line. While PCs with a larger budget can buy the higher amount of RAM initially!

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Anything more than 16 GB will rarely be used by a gaming PC, but if your planning to do any video editing or streaming, you may want to add another 8 GB to your system's RAM.

RAM Specifications that PC builders may need to look into!

While RAM capacity is essential, ensuring your RAM's speed won't hinder your gaming performance is also crucial.

For Intel, nearly any RAM stick with at least 2400 MHz as its RAM speed will allow the CPU to run efficiently, while AMD CPUs usually require faster RAM with a minimum speed of either 3000 MHz or 3200 MHz.

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