How Much Does a Good Gaming PC Cost?

Getting a good gaming PC can potentially come with a high cost; the two main options are buying a pre-built or building the PC.

Buying a pre-built gaming PC will normally come with an additional cost for labor, which can range depending on the system integrator you purchase from. Building the PC yourself usually allows builders to save a significant amount of money.

Let's see how much getting a gaming PC normally costs!

How Much Does a Good Gaming PC Cost?

Ensuring that your next gaming PC doesn't break the bank while still allowing you to experience some of the best gaming performance possible is a task that many PC builders are troubled with, especially with the current PC component shortage.

Gaming PC Cost
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The current PC component market is incredibly tough for PC builders; the harsh lack of availability for GPUs and high-wattage PSUs make building a powerful gaming PC incredibly tough. This has increased the price of crucial components and increased getting the components themselves, making the cost to build a new PC substantially higher.

This has led some users to buy a prebuilt gaming PC, which has also seen a substantial rise in prices due to the scarcity of these crucial components.

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Getting a gaming PC in 2021 is tough due to the limited availability of graphics cards, some processors, and even most high-end power supplies.

The cost for a good gaming PC should be in the range of $500 up to $1,500, and the $500 gaming PC will most likely use integrated graphics or low-powered graphics cards. While the $1,500 gaming PC will offer significantly more power when compared.

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