Gioteck SC3 Wireless Pro Review: A cracking all-round controller designed to stand out

As far as controllers for the PlayStation and PC go, you’d think that you couldn’t really innovate within an already huge market. Well, as the Gioteck SC3 Wireless Pro proves, you would be incorrect.

This controller is an excellent option for gamers looking for something a little more in line with the Xbox style of controller, with well-spaced thumbsticks, an excellent lighting package and our favourite feature - interchangeable faceplates.

When it comes to gaming, absolutely nothing is more important than a controller (unless you main a keyboard and mouse on the PC). It’s the player’s connection to the action on screen, as well as needing to be ergonomic for potential marathon gaming sessions. 

Enter the Gioteck SC3 Wireless Pro, a brilliant-looking controller with a wealth of interesting features that is sure to be a welcome addition to a gamer’s arsenal.

Is It Comfortable?

Starting with the most important aspect of a controller, the ergonomics. This controller, being designed more around the Xbox style of controller with an offset left thumbstick, can certainly prove more comfortable for those longer sessions in front of the TV or PC screen.

For any gamers who like to play across multiple consoles, it’s nice to have a controller that isn’t too dissimilar to the controllers used on the Xbox.

The only downside to the thumbstick, however, is that in testing, it almost seems like the controller is horizontally slightly smaller than the official Xbox controllers. This has the effect of almost increasing the vertical travel distance to the left thumbstick, sometimes making it feel ‌like you’re stretching to reach the full range of the analogue stick. 

While this certainly isn’t a deal-breaker, it is noticeable, so it’s something to keep in mind if you don’t have especially long thumbs. It’s also a little bit weighty, but this actually works in its favour as a controller that’s too light can be more unwieldy than a heavy one.

Gioteck SC31
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The Gioteck thumbstick positioning reminded us of the Xbox controller.

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Aesthetics and Customisation

Moving on to the aesthetics of the Gioteck SC3. In all honestly, it looks brilliant. The design of the LED lighting is very pleasing, and no matter which faceplates you install, it always looks aesthetically attractive. 

Oh, those faceplates we just mentioned? They are probably one of our favourite features of this controller. 

Each individual faceplate of the controller can be removed by a small included screwdriver. This allows for multiple combinations of light and dark faceplates for a fully customisable look to the controller. As mentioned before too, the LEDs work exceptionally well with any colour combination, making this a definite win.

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Changing the faceplates is a standout feature of the Gioteck SC3.

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Now, of course, we can’t miss the functionality of the controller. Given the controller is wireless, you can of course use this with the PlayStation and the PC. The controller is USB-C too, so no need to worry about too many different cables cluttering up your play space. 

The travel of the thumbsticks is smooth, and aside from the aforementioned issues with a large range of movement sometimes being to the controller’s detriment, the buttons themselves are well-positioned. 

There are even two programmable buttons on the back, allowing you to use these as shortcuts for buttons on the controller itself. The only issue with these is they can be a little finicky to activate in a pinch, so using them as gear shifts in a racing game isn’t going to help too much over the standard bumpers. 

Also, while the bumpers themselves are mechanical, it would have been nice to have this feature on all buttons on the controller as it can sometimes feel ‌spongy when it comes to using the action buttons after the mechanical bumpers.

Gioteck SC3 Wireless Pro Verdict

Overall, the Gioteck SC3 Wireless Pro is an excellent all-round controller, with the interchangeable faceplates allowing it to stand out over the rest of the crowd. The programmable buttons are also nice, with the magnetic thumbsticks allowing for easy changing of those parts. 

It’s certainly an excellent buy and we would highly recommend this controller to anyone looking for a solid wireless controller.

Overall Verdict: 4/5

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