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EPOS H6 Closed review headphones near window

EPOS H6 Closed review headphones near window

It can be difficult to find the perfect gaming headset for your needs. Do you turn to a classic wireless pair of headphones, perhaps with ANC as well, or do you stick with a more traditional headset? If you choose to pick up the EPOS H6PRO Closed, then definitely you are getting your money's worth with a solid pair of headphones that might just fit your needs.

The H6PRO Closed is a wired gaming headset that also includes a removable microphone. Included in the box you will find that EPOS has shipped the headset with two different cables: one with different audio/mic plugs to connect it to PCs, and the other with a standard 3.5mm audio jack to connect it to consoles too.

As opposed to the H6PRO Open, the Closed variant similarly targets the gamer audience but with different needs - those who don't mind giving up a bit of soundstage to keep outside noise out and have a direct connection to their games for the ultimate audio quality.

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It is useful to keep in mind that the H6PRO are wired headphones, so while you're giving up that convenience of having a pair that you can just walk around the house with, they do provide a more stable sound experience than many of their wireless counterparts. Obviously, there is no need to worry about the battery running out or having to replace it in the future. They come with a full two year warranty, but they might last you forever if you treat them with care as the build quality is just that good.

The braided cable length seems to fit most situations you might find yourself in, especially since nowadays we are plugging headphones directly in our wireless controller and not the TV or console anymore. On the right ear cup, EPOS has included a handy volume control, which is not a twitchy touch button, but rather a simple scrolling wheel that works perfectly for that quick in-game volume regulation. So, when it comes to usability, the H6PRO Closed has you covered.

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Comparing this headset to EPOS' sister product, the H6PRO Open, the Closed are clearly more bass heavy, as it can be expected from such a product. Without the wide soundstage, you definitely pick up more of the low end bass sounds. It comes down to personal preference, as again EPOS is providing both experiences in the same model of headsets. If you are a fan of first person shooters and you like to hear that explosive grenade growling in your ears, then the Closed set is the one you want to pick up; if it's that sweeping soundstage and pinpoint spatial positioning, then you'll want the Open.

Sound leakage is kept to a minimum, so you can wear the H6PRO Closed around your friends and family without fear of disturbing their conversation or movie watching. Playing the latest System Shock demo with them will easily make you appreciate all the gurgling of the zombies lurking around you, and it is easy to appreciate how the sound feels all around your ears. The mid tones are consistently strong, with a clear definition throughout, but without unnecessary bloating.

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Sharing this with the Open variant, the H6PRO Closed have a similar great build quality. While they are made of plastic supported by a metal band, they feel solid and not like you're going to break them any time soon. The leatherette-clad band padding is soft while resting on your head, plus there is that silicone-like fabric inside the cups. Overall, the headphones seem sturdy, and the soft external foam definitely feels like it won't get stained or ruined easily, even during longer heated gaming sessions.

The EPOS H6PRO sit on your ears comfortably, having a bit of a swivel to accommodate your ears and also providing much needed stability when they're on over-ear. Though, they can tend to feel a little bit suffocating, especially if you're someone who gets easily flushed during heated gaming sessions or just won't ever remove headphones. Personally, during testing I did not have issues and even during several eight-hour working/gaming sessions, I never felt the need to remove them. Overall, they can be defined as both comfortable and stable.

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The microphone that comes with the H6PRO Closed is clipped on magnetically on the side of the headset. By applying a little force, it can be easily detached and muted by simply pulling it up. The microphone can be removed altogether, which I did, and the "hole" can be closed by using the appropriately coloured cover plates that EPOS provides in the box. The microphone sounds decent for a gaming headset, but it's not one you would want to bring to your Twitch streaming sessions or podcast. It does the job for online gaming sessions, though, which is what it was built for.

The EPOS H6PRO Closed is a solid wired headset, ideal for prolonged gaming sessions. Providing great audio, with a closed soundstage that better defines bass and low/mids. It has excellent build quality and great comfort, and they are perfect for those who are gaming in more noisy environments and need to seal themselves away from it all. The detachable microphone is a pretty nifty addition as well, just don't expect to use it much outside of gaming sessions.

If you are looking for a wired headset, and prefer to have a little more privacy in your sound, the EPOS H6 PRO Closed are excellent value for money, and you won't regret your purchase.

Epos H6PRO Closed
The Epos H6PRO Closed, thanks to their design, offer a solid audio experience for gamers looking for a headset that provides them with a direct and bass-rich experience for their games. Combine this with great build quality and it makes the headset a lasting purchase.
8 out of 10
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