DDR4 vs DDR5 for Gaming: Everything you need to know

Will getting fast DDR4 RAM or upgrading to DDR5 be a better option for upgrading your gaming PC?

DDR4 RAM has been the current standard for gaming PCs, and it has been able to offer a speed of up to 4600 MHz, while DDR5 RAM has yet to be released but already looks to surpass the 4600 MHz speed easily.

Let's see which RAM generation should be featured in your next PC build?

DDR4 vs DDR5 for Gaming

While the increase in RAM speed depends heavily on the type of processor installed in your system, Intel users should see very little performance loss when using slower RAM. In contrast, Ryzen users will see a significant decrease if they use slower RAM.

DDR4 DDR5 Gaming
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Ryzen processors utilize a technology called Infinity Fabric, which directly ties the CPU's speed with the RAM speed. This means that DDR5 RAM can potentially push your Ryzen processor to an even faster speed with its significantly faster speeds.

DDR5 News

DDR5 isn't currently available for purchase, but Netac, a RAM manufacturer, has already teased DDR5 RAM modules with a maximum speed of 10,000 MHz. This shows how much faster DDR5 RAM modules could potentially be, which can significantly improve your gaming performance for any processor that can utilize the newest RAM generation.

This speed significantly improves DDR4 RAM's maximum speed of roughly 5,000 MHz; DDR5's minimum speed is currently stated to be 4,800 MHz, which is already close to DDR4's maximum speed.

DDR5 Price

DDR5 has yet to be officially announced, but the pricing of this generation will most likely see a significant price hike compared to the previous generation.

This price hike will most likely be due to the increased manufacturing cost of creating the DDR5 RAM modules.

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