ASUS 3080 hacking trick: How to hack an RTX 3080 laptop and make it even more powerful

Did you know that you can do some sort of hacking to the RTX 3080 gaming laptops to make them even better? And the GPU may be invincible once it happens.

NVIDIA GPUs are already considered top-notch. I mean, why does anyone even want to compete with them?

And if you want to upgrade the best in the biz, here's how to hack an RTX 3080 laptop and make it even better:

How to hack the RTX 3080 laptop

PC Gamer has reported on the secret of successfully hacking a 3080 laptop.

It all started on the Baidu forum, where users posted images of their Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15, which is normally decked out with a 115W RTX 3080 GPU. But thanks to some cunning trickery, this wattage increased and the machine's GPU became an enormous 155W.

They made this upgrade happen by taking the vBIOS file from an MSI GE76 machine, which was equipped with a more powerful RTX 3080 GPU than the aforementioned Asus.

They completed the trick by flashing the coveted GPU on the original laptop, which could then bask in the benefits, getting a 20% performance upgrade to boot.

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Think before doing it

Although it may sound really exciting and interesting, you must think first before doing this. Think twice or thrice, even, whatever makes you feel nice.

By doing this hackery, you can really affect your laptop. Its thermal capacity might not match up to the required power of the GPU.

It could also make a mess of your laptop's charging capabilities, where the intended power supply may not go along with the new GPU. It can cause a lack of power, and you may not be able to charge your laptop properly.

So before you do this cool trick, it is best to still seek professional help from PC/laptop technicians and experts. Because if you do attempt to do it, then maybe it can cost you more than what you originally paid for.

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