Are Full-Tower PC Cases Worth It? Here's What We Think

Full-Tower PC cases are perfect for various gaming setups, but full-tower pc cases require significantly more space when compared to a mid-tower or Mini-ITX PC case.

Let's see if a Full-Tower Case is necessary or if this may be a purchase that can save some of your PC budget!

What is a Full Tower PC case?

A Full Tower PC case is a large PC case that offers a wider array of compatibility when compared to smaller cases like any mid-tower or Mini-ITX PC case. These PC cases usually offer support for E-ATX motherboards that offer many PCIe expansion ports for multiple GPU PC setups.

Full-Tower case
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Nearly any full tower PC case is usually used for systems that use a large number of storage drives or for systems that require a large number of 120 mm fans. These cases range in sizes but are often large enough to fit comfortably on the ground while underneath a desk.

Is it worth buying a Full-Tower PC case?

Many will find a Full-tower PC case as more of a hindrance when compared to a mid-tower PC case, and this is because of the larger size, which most PC builders and gamers won't utilize effectively.

Another reason that many PC builders utilize mid-tower PC cases is the lack of dust due to the lowered amount of fans that can be installed in the system.

At the end of the day it's all down to personal preference, and while there may be some distinct advantages of going for a different sized can't deny they look pretty amazing.

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