WEIRD: AMD responds to NVIDIA RTX 3000 series by selling bikes

Following the reveal of the rather impressive, albeit expensive, NVIDIA RTX 3000 series graphics cards, all eyes turned to AMD to see when they would announce their upcoming GPU, alleged to be called the Radeon 6000, or 'Big Navi'.

However, rather than revealing this new card, which will feature RDNA 2 technology, AMD has another product in mind to shift the focus away from NVIDIA - bikes.

Is AMD jumping into the bike market after seeing NVIDIA's new products? Probably not, but here's the latest AMD product release, one that we're hoping is soon followed up with some GPU announcements.

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AMD announces Custom Mountain Bike and Custom Cruiser Bike

Tucked away in the AMD Fan Store, AMD now offers customers the opportunity to splash out on two AMD-branded bikes, each priced at $299.00, with a $50.00 shipping fee.

AMD's Custom Mountain Bike features a 21-speed Shimano gear system and an 18.5” Custom Design Steel Dual Suspension Frame alongside linear-pull MTB brakes. AMD states their mountain bike "is designed for many years of fun and comfortable transportation."

The mountain bike is available in both a black frame with white wheels, a white frame with either black or orange wheels.

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But can it run Crysis?

If you're less of an off-roader, AMD's Custom Cruiser Bike is "the perfect designed bike for cruising the streets and beaches in style" according to AMD. The cruiser model, however, doesn't include any gear system, with AMD instead boasting of the bike's 26” aluminium wheels, front and rear fenders, and coaster break system.

Similar to the mountain bike model, AMD's Custom Cruiser is available in either a black frame with white wheels or a white frame with black wheels.

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Will NVIDIA respond with their own faster bikes in a few month's time?

However, for those of you hoping to sport an AMD-branded bike through the streets of Europe and beyond, AMD states that both bikes are only available to ship domestically inside the US.

You can check out the AMD Custom Cruiser Bike here, and the Custom Mountain Bike here.

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