Amazon Luna price: How much does Amazon's game-streaming platform cost, and is it included with Prime?

Now that Amazon’s game-streaming service has been unveiled for a release in October, it finally gives the company the best of both worlds.

Essentially, they now have a streaming service with Twitch, and a gaming-streaming service with Luna. While some thoughts predict that two will become one as the Spice Girls once said, Luna will need to stand on its own for the next year.

But with the release date not so far away, questions are abound as to whether it will be included in the overall Amazon Prime package, or how much it will be outside the USA.

With that, let’s see what’s been confirmed so far.

How much is Luna?

In America, Amazon Luna is confirmed to be $5.99 a month as a ‘trial-price’, so there’s every chance it will be raised or possibly lowered in the future.

For a service that also works on iOS compared to Stadia and Xbox Game Pass, it’s a smart service, especially due to the fact that you can use your Dual Shock 4 or Xbox Wireless controller as well.

But if you would like to purchase the controller separately, it will retail for $39.99. It’s important to note though, that it can only work with the Amazon Luna, nothing else.

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Is it included in Amazon Prime?

At the time of writing, Amazon seem to be treating Luna like a trial process overall. Luna will be its own service, separate from Prime. As it’s centred to focus on ‘channels’ for games and developers, it’s a service that could look out of place alongside your shows of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’, ‘The Office USA’ and ‘Selling Sunset’ on your Fire device.

After October, Amazon and its customers of Luna will have gained a greater idea as to how the service will be received. From our impressions, it looks like a good service, and its UI decision of treating games and developers like ‘channels’ is a smart idea.

Amazon’s store already has retro games on offer, so if they could also be part of Luna, alongside more upcoming games, it could be the streaming service to go for. Especially for iOS devices if Apple and Microsoft haven’t figured out a way for Game Pass on iOS devices.

But for now, it’s more of a wait-and-see approach for Luna. Yet already, it looks far more promising than what Google Stadia brought to the streaming table.

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