Alder Lake vs Rocket Lake: Everything We Know So Far

What differences will there be between Intel's Alder Lake processors and Rocket Lake processors, and which one should you buy for your upcoming PC upgrade?

The Alder Lake processors will be Intel's 12th generation of processors, while the Rocket Lake processors will be its 11th generation of processors.

Let's look into Intel's recently released and its upcoming processor series!

Alder Lake Vs Rocket Lake

Intel's Rocket lake processors offer support for DDR4 RAM and PCIe Gen 4.0. Looking at the high-end model of this processor series, the Intel Core i9 11900K offers a total of eight cores with a maximum speed of 5.3 GHz.

Alder Lake Rocket Lake
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While the speed provided by this processor is impressive, it does feature fewer cores when compared to the previous processor generation. This reduction in cores could lead to the 11th generation processors being less effective at multi-tasking or multi-threaded applications.

Intel's Alder lake processors may not be currently available, but they will offer significant performance improvements, including DDR5 support and significantly more cores.

Rocket Lake Price vs Alder Lake Price

Intel's Rocket Lake processors have been released with the Intel Core i9-11900K processor featuring a price of $539, while Intel's upcoming processor generation will most likely see a significant price hike.

This price hike will most likely be due to the new manufacturing process and the DDR5 support that the Alder Lake processors are rumored to feature.

Worth upgrading now or Should you wait?

Any PC gamer looking to upgrade their system may be looking at Intel's Rocket Lake processors. Still, with the few benefits compared to any of Intel's recent processors, they may want to wait until Intel's next generation of processors is available for purchase.

If your PC is in dire need of upgrading your system, the Rocket Lake processors will significantly boost performance compared to the Intel Core i7-6700K processor.

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